Have you been feeling that there has to be more to life? Perhaps your relationship’s fizzled out, your career’s flatlined and you're realising that you're just not happy. 

One thing’s for sure, you feel lost and that there's 'something' missing from your life... and it doesn't feel good at all. 

Normally, you would pick yourself up and just keep on, keeping on... but this inner 'nagging' feeling of wanting more meaning to your life, just isn't going away.  You know you need to go deeper, but the airy fairy, flaky, luvvyduvvy image of healing, spirituality and self development, just isn't your cup of tea either!

It's time to find your way back to you.  It's time to hear your heart's calling.  It's time to feel connected to yourself and the Universe.  It's time to know who you are on the inside... as well as out there in the crazy, modern world.  It's time to move beyond your fears, conditioned beliefs and past.  It's time for your physical body to heal and your mind and soul to become free to live an empowered, awakened life from your heart.  It's time to discover channelled LOVE.

You need a grounded, powerful experience and approach with no fluffy illusions attached.  If you're beginning to feel excited... then it's time for you to know about my incorporated channelling.  
It's the Heart of Real Deal No Fluff Healing.


Let’s get a little more, up close and personal!


Great question!  

It’s my innate gift that allows me to connect and hold space for you to have a direct and personal connection with a multi-dimensional collective consciousness. I call this unique collective of Star Beings, Channelling Love.  I move into an altered state of consciousness to fully embody their high vibrational presence and allow them use my body as a transmitter for their healing and my voice box as a way to communicate directly with you. I literally become their anchor upon earth and their ‘channel’ for communication and healing. 

It’s a profoundly powerful, moving and enlightening experience that expands your heart, awakens your mind and frees your soul.  I know this form of channelling is rare, and it may well be a leap of faith for you, but as I have discovered in my own life, if it feels right, you just have to follow your heart and be open to the limitless possibilities that await!

Come and explore my site, find out more about my free offerings and services and check out the amazing healing experiences, people have moved through, with Channelling Love.

My door is always open...

I can't wait to meet you and channel Love for you!
Big hugs,

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Heal, Thrive & RISE is my monthly communication and healing from the Star Beings of Channelling Love, delivered straight into your inbox with LOVE on the 1st of every month.

Content Includes:

  • Exclusive Channelled Healing as a meditation MP3 download.

  • The written channelling as a PDF to receive the healing through reading the Star Beings guidance.

  • Video of my Month Ahead Illumination Oracle Card Reading - includes pulling the cards, the channelled message and on the spot, grounded intuitive insight to enlighten and inspire you throughout the month.

  • Written snapshot of the month ahead reading for easy referral during the month.

  • Video healing, teaching and insights that will take you on a journey of awakening and expansion to support your opening heart, spiritual growth and to inspire you to LOVE the roller coaster ride of earthly life!

  • Inspirational Spotlight! Anything from an uplifting story or person, meme, music, art, words, teachings, insights from anywhere in the world that will bring a smile to your heart and brighten up your day. If you have something to share… this could be you!

  • Exclusive, discounted access to join any of my weekly private group channellings in the Channelling Love Membership Group. The channellings take place through video conferencing and include guided meditation, pure healing transmission, verbal guidance for the group, followed by open floor for questions and sharing afterwards. Dates and times shared every month and you can book in as many times as you wish.

  • FREE WELCOME EDITION with 2 further BONUS GIFTS when you sign up.

  • Only £20 per month! No strings attached - payment via Paypal recurring payments only.

  • Please note that the subscription process uses the previous name of “The Stellar Survival Kit.” January 2019 saw the full relaunch and upgrade to even more content!