Hello and welcome to the multi-dimensional world of Channelling Love! I’m Sally, the incorporating channel for the Star Beings of Channelling Love and here, we do things differently!

Star Being Healing is like no other.  It’s pure vibrational healing through being in the energetic presence of the Star Being collective that works through me. Their galactic energy is powerful and transformational… and it can take you beyond your beliefs and often leave you beyond words. When they share their light language, it is strong, direct and can be felt as an activating connection to your own multi-dimensional presence.  Their energy blasts through the limiting illusions, fears and beliefs that modern society lives within, and brings you into alignment with YOU.

If you’ve been feeling that ‘enough is enough’… life has become a struggle, you can’t find your way forward, the old structures and societal patterns are wearing thin and you can see through the old paradigms and limiting beliefs… perhaps you’re feeling frustrated and yet fatigued, your inspiration has left you and life has become more of a damp squib than a joy… or your body is overwhelmed and ill at ease… then Channelling Love and the Star Beings are ready and waiting for you to say YES to YOU.

Channelling Love offers you a healing and awakening vortex, free of spiritual B-S… there’s no fake perfection… no hierarchy of having it all sussed and there’s no guru on a platform telling you what to do.

All the healing here, comes through the transformational power of galactic, multi-dimensional LOVE.

It’s time to come home to you… it’s time to hear your heart’s calling… it’s time to re-member all that you are… it’s time to reconnect with your truth and the Universe. It's time to move beyond your fears, conditioned beliefs and your past.  It's time for your physical body to heal and your mind and soul to become free to live an empowered, awakened, happy and abundant life from your heart. 

If you're beginning to feel excited... then your heart has heard the call to


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Let’s get up close and personal!


It’s my innate gift that allows me to connect and hold space for you to have a direct and personal connection with a multi-dimensional, galactic collective consciousness. I call this unique collective of Star Beings, Channelling Love.  I move into an altered state of consciousness to fully embody their high vibrational presence and allow them use my body as a transmitter for their healing and my voice box as a way to communicate their vibrational Light Language directly with you. I literally become their anchor upon earth and their ‘channel’ for communication and healing. 

It’s a profoundly powerful, moving and enlightening experience that expands your heart, awakens your mind and frees your soul.  I know this form of channelling is rare, and it may well be a leap of faith for you, but as I have discovered in my own life, if it feels right, you just have to follow your heart and be open to the limitless possibilities that await!

Come and explore my site, find out more about my offerings and services and check out the amazing healing experiences, people have moved through, with Channelling Love.

My door is always open...

I can't wait to meet you and channel Love for you!
Big hugs,

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Heal, Thrive & RISE is my monthly communication and healing from the Star Beings, delivered straight into your inbox with LOVE on the 1st of every month.

Content Includes:

  • Exclusive Channelled Healing as a meditation MP3 download.

  • Video healing that will take you on a journey of awakening and expansion to support your opening heart, spiritual growth and to inspire you to LOVE the roller coaster ride of earthly life!

  • Video of my Month Ahead Illumination Oracle Card Reading - includes pulling the cards, the channelled message and on the spot, grounded intuitive insight to enlighten and inspire you throughout the month.

  • The written channelling as a PDF to receive the healing through reading the Star Beings Words of Wisdom.

  • Written snapshot of the month ahead reading for easy referral during the month.

  • Inspirational Spotlight! Anything from an uplifting story or person, meme, music, art, words, teachings, insights from anywhere in the world that will bring a smile to your heart and brighten up your day. If you have something to share… this could be you too!

  • Exclusive, discounted access to personal Pure Healing Transmissions with the Star Beings

  • FREE WELCOME EDITION with 2 further BONUS GIFTS when you sign up.

  • Only £20 per month! No strings attached - payment via Paypal recurring payments only.

  • Please note that the subscription process uses the previous name of “The Stellar Survival Kit.” January 2019 saw the full relaunch and upgrade to even more conten