If you’ve been yearning for a channelling and healing experience that is grounded, real, powerful and not your run of the mill spiritual… then you’ve found it! The Star Beings of Channelling Love help you move beyond the limits of your mind and reunite you with your multidimensional truth, power, abundance and freedom as an awakened human of LOVE.
Put simply, they help you heal in all areas of your life.


‘Channelling Love’ is the name that I gave to this unique collective of Star Beings, because that’s exactly how their presence feels. I am literally channelling LOVE. From the very beginning, they have given no names or origins because they say this information just becomes a distraction. And they are right! Attaching to a name or place immediately takes us into our heads and distances us from the profound experience of FEELING and of receiving their incredible healing presence through vibrational love. When we’re finally ready to let go of questioning and doubting, we are gifted a profound sensory experience that can often defy our conditioned beliefs.

Their presence blasts away illusions and takes you straight into the heart of you… and you can feel many different physical sensations… emotions…  have epiphanies… breakthroughs and even instantaneous physical healings… without them even saying a word to you. They see 'all' of you and work on every level of your being to bring you what you need physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Their Light Language has been described as powerful, incredible, intricate, activating and compelling… and if you’re lucky enough to be going on the Open Your Cosmic Heart Retreat where I share personal conversations with the Star Beings, you’ll find their verbal guidance as straight forward, direct and often lovingly humorous

If you are ready to experience channelling in a whole new way… then now’s your chance!


I wasn’t always Channelling Love, but I’ve always followed my heart, done things differently and lived my life to the full!

I’ve been a competitive ice skater, shop floor assistant, bar tender… and for 23 years I flew the skies as long haul crew for one of the world’s leading airlines. Ironically it was this high flying career that gave me the space to discover my innate inner gifts as a healer and channel.

In 2001, after a number of years of ill health and panic attacks that the medical world couldn’t resolve, I found my own healing through a reflexologist in my local gym… and it was such a profound experience, that I embarked on a learning spree of all things holistic and spiritual. A year later I qualified as an accredited Reflexologist with the Association of Reflexologists in the UK and then over time I became a Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and Melody Crystal Practitioner. But nothing compared to the moment when I fully experienced the depth of our multi-dimensional being and understood how our emotions and mindsets are reflected through our physical well being.. and feet. While on a 5 day course learning The Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Healing through the Feet, I moved through a full on ‘hold onto your hat’ spiritual awakening that changed my life forever… and for the better. And I finally understood that my body’s challenges had been rooted in the heart breaking shock of my father’s sudden death in the mid nineties.

And this is when it all really began.

I would find myself moving into a trance like state and coming to, to find written messages from my guides. I would feel waves of such love that I would have tears flooding down my face but be in a state of complete bliss where I couldn’t move or even feel my body. I found myself ‘knowing’ and ‘feeling’ beyond the explicable… and it all felt wonderful and amazing… albeit a bit strange to begin with.

Long story short. I had opened up as a channel.

I continued to fly but on an increasingly part time basis as I followed my spiritual path as a healer. I moved into teaching and leading workshops on Universal Reflexology, Foot Reading and Reiki in Brazil, Germany, UK, Ireland and Hong Kong while still keeping a foot in the practical world with my flying career. I started running exclusive Safari Spirit retreats in Southern Africa and I even lived in Rio de Janeiro for 8 years and ran my own holistic practice for the expats living there. It was in Rio that I became one of the psychic healers at a spiritual, esoteric healing circle that was open to members of the public seeking help. Led by an incorporating channel working with Ascended Masters, we worked entirely without touch, sight or verbal communication - everything was done intuitively, psychically and energetically. It became my initiation into fully embodied channelling.

Throughout the years of my own awakening and self discovery I increasingly learnt to trust my instincts and follow my heart. In other words, life has been a roller coaster ride of highs, lows, WTF moments and incredible breakthroughs. Truth be told, I’m a bit of a spiritual rebel with the ‘healing world’ being a bit too fluffy and superficial for my super-honed B-S radar. I have a grounded sense of humour and fly in the face of spiritual imagery by loving a glass of cold local cava with a giant bowl of crisps, dropping the odd F-bomb, laughing at inappropriate humour and just keeping it real.

In 2013, I finally retired my metal wings and spread my own ‘non fluffy’ ones to fulfil my passion and purpose as a healer and channel. I moved to Hong Kong to live with the love of my life and after a couple of years, the Universe kicked our butts and long story short, we ended up in Southern Spain. That whole adventure and often nightmarish journey became my Namaste This Blog, and I continue to write about our ‘you couldn’t make it up’ escapades of living off grid and trusting the flow. It’s a ‘no holds barred’ quirky merging of spirituality meeting reality.

But at the end of the day, everything for me, comes down to LOVE… and this is what I am here to share.
A Star Being love that is unique, powerful and life changing… which will not only heal our own separation and dis-ease… but also heal our beautiful world.

Whether you are looking for a One to One session, or drawn to our Open Your Cosmic Heart Retreats, or my Healing Collective Group…. love and healing is here for you… and I really look forward to sharing all of this and more, with you very soon.

Big Love,