Your heart has heard the call and my purpose as an incorporating channel for the Star Beings of Channelling Love is to help you move fully into your heart and raise your vibration so that you can move beyond your fears and blocks to awaken and empower your spiritual truth and presence.  I want you to shine and live a happy, fulfilling and abundant life in all ways.


Channelling Love is the name that I have given to the collective conscious presence of a specific group of inter-dimensional Star Beings.   They use my body as an anchor and transmitter to share their powerfully healing vibration along with their verbal wisdom and guidance. They see 'all' of you and work on every level of your being to bring you what you need physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.  Their verbal guidance is straight forward, direct and often lovingly humorous. I move into an altered state of consciousness as they connect and communicate directly with you and will have no memory of what was shared.
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I wasn’t always Channelling Love, but I do know what it’s like to feel paralysed by fear and anxiety…. 

In the mid-nineties, my father died suddenly while I was on holiday in Australia and I couldn’t make it home in time to say goodbye.  I was in a real state of shock and began to have problems with my digestive system. Anxiety about going out in case I needed to find a bathroom, quickly spiralled into full blown panic attacks. The doctors were stumped, and it got so bad that I would barely venture out unless I had to work – at that time as long haul air crew!  I lived with this secret for years and found my own ways of coping, but it was isolating, embarrassing and terrifying. 

Deep down, I knew I had to face my fears and that I needed help. I reached out to a hypnotherapist friend who was a lifeline. I learned to allow the panic to surface and to trust that I would make it through, and pushed myself to go out more and start living life again.  The panic attacks subsided for good.

It was a moment of clarity for me. I now understood that my body was reflecting my emotional, mental and spiritual state of being – and that everything is interconnected.

Discovering my gift

From then on, I devoured everything I could about healing. While still globetrotting as air crew, I swiftly qualified in reflexology, became a Reiki Master Teacher and a Melody Crystal Practitioner. 

In 2003 I moved to Rio de Janeiro, my then husband’s hometown, and began attending a weekly spiritual, esoteric healing circle that was open to members of the public seeking help. My intuitive healing gift blossomed here and I soon became one of their psychic healers. Led by an incorporating channel working with Ascended Masters, we worked entirely without touch or sight or verbal communication - everything was done intuitively, psychically and energetically.

I like to call this my ‘channelling school’!  It gave me the grounding and complete confidence in my ability to hold space on a large scale, intuit what my clients are feeling and help resolve their issues. 

Channelling Love is now in Spain!

My marriage ended in 2011 and I reluctantly packed up my life in Brazil and returned to Scotland to start again. I was devastated and was not at all sure what to do next.  Looking for direction, I attended a VIP day with renowned Soul Empowerment Coach, Patricia Iris Kerins and, to cut very a long story short, began fully incorporating and verbally channelling the Star Beings that now work through me as Channelling Love.  

So, I am certainly no stranger to life’s challenges. But by staying open, seeking help and healing, I have been blessed with some wonderful surprises too. I didn’t know it then, but I was about to meet the love of my life and move to Hong Kong, where my work with Channelling Love would really take off. 

I found my path, my purpose and now with my life partner, we have followed our hearts into a whole new life in the Spanish Alpujarras.  Life is a gift, and I am delighted and privileged to share it with you.