Feel the Healing of Channelling Love

Back in December I shared a channelling on my Channelling Love Facebook page.  This was a channelling that had come through automatic writing and it was originally just for my membership group…. but that day, something urged me to share it further.  I chose to speak the channelling rather than just copy and paste the written text… and through me simply speaking the words, the vibration and energy of Channelling Love was felt by those who watched me Live… but also by those who watched the replay later on.

There are no limits to healing.  We are the ones that have created the rules, boundaries and beliefs around healing… and I invite you to now open your heart and your mind… tp sit back and relax… switch off your phone and allow yourself to receive.  You are worthy of taking 10 minutes away from the hustle bustle and pressure of life to gift yourself this space to heal…. for in so doing,  you will bring more light into our earthly world… and your healing will expand to become the healing of our beautiful planet.
It all comes down to Love.

Much Love


ps… the connection may be weak and pixelated at times… but the content is pure <3