Good bye FEAR….and Hello to a Wonderful Life Again!

Each day that dawns brings us the opportunity to grow, heal, expand and to love our lives!
But isn't it interesting how we resist our truth? We resist the opportunities that open the door to knowing ourselves on a deeper level... to healing... to understanding our healing... to following our path and heart. This resistance is fear of the unknown. It's fear of what might happen. It's fear of 'what if'... 

But... it's an illusion... it's not even real! Fear is the crazy stories we created in our minds that our ego has expertly crafted to keep us small.
No more ladies... no more.

What if today you were to do one small thing to expand your energy... just one small thing that would make you feel amazing... one action that would push you a little bit out of your comfort zone and show you that there's nothing to be afraid of.

I know what it's like to push through fear... I used to have panic attacks. Crippling panic attacks that left me sick to my stomach, unable to describe how I felt or why I felt it... sheer overwhelming terror that welled up from within and kept me in a cycle of fear, smallness and disconnection from myself and Source.

I will never forget the courage it took to even walk out the front door sometimes. I used to create little routines to help myself. And I never told a soul. Until it got so bad that I had to face myself, face my fears, face my story, face my emotions, face my life... and come home to me.
Scary as shit.
Not nice.
Scary as f*ck.
But I did it.

I have been panic free for many years now, but I will never forget how debilitating it was... and I want you to know that I understand what it's like to be scared.

But I also want you to know that there is an amazing life on the other side of your fear... and it's just waiting for you to step into it.

Imagine how amazing it will be to wake up and be excited about the day, instead of dreading it. 
Imagine now fulfilled you'll feel because you honoured your desire to paint, draw, dance, sing and not give a toss about what anyone thought of you.
Imagine how wonderful it will be to feel Love flowing through you instead of fear.
Imagine feeling peaceful....
Imagine feeling great about yourself...
Imagine feeling happy...
Imagine how it will feel to know the world is at your feet...
Imagine how free and strong you will feel…

Well this is your truth... and your truth is love. And where there is Love, there is no fear. And you can choose today where you would like your energy to be.

Choose to live the life of your dreams... choose self empowerment... choose YOU.

And I am here to help you through these transformational energies with the Light Being presence that works through me.

Message me to find out more... your healing awaits you.

Real Deal Love,