Let’s get up close and personal!!

First of all…. a huge heartfelt welcome to my Channelling Love Blog!

And I’m starting off by opening the doors to me and my life!  
Now, I do have a tendency to ramble and I LOVE to write… so I’ll endeavour to keep this brief… 

I’m a rebel with an open heart and a passion for life.  I love with every cell of my being and it’s the real deal… what you see is what you get.  No facades or illusions here!  I have an aversion to all things fluffy and airy fairy and yet love all things purple.  I’m highly compassionate and hugely empathic and this makes life very interesting indeed.  But what you may already know me for, is my rare gift as an incorporating channel.  There are days where even I am still amazed at what happens in the zone of Channelling Love… and we’ll talk more about that another day.  

I am a woman in midlife, literally.  Last year I reached my half century and contrary to popular belief, life just keeps getting better.  I’ve moved through some pretty major challenges… I’ve ridden the roller coaster, had the highest of highs and lowest of lows, had my heart broken, found true love, hated myself, loved myself and found myself.  But what all this means, is that I understand what real life is about and I understand you.  I get you.  And I can feel you.  And it’s my path and my purpose to help you.

My ancestral roots are a mix of Scottish, English and Italian but I see myself more as a child of the Universe… that’s until I hear the bagpipes of course, and then you’ll find me dancing around like a wild woman shouting “Freeeeeeeedom!”  Yup… I do love Scotland.   But I’m still a nomad at heart and I get bored being in the same place for too long… I need adventure!   My itchy feet led me to a 23 career in the airline industry where I flew the world serving tea, coffee, chicken or beef.  It took many, many years  for the glamour to fade and mega jet lag to take its toll… but in that time I discovered my gift as a healer,  lived in Brazil and Hong Kong and last year I rather unexpectedly, landed back in Scotland again.  It’s cold.  So much colder than I remember it.

So there you have it… a short introduction to me.  But I can’t go without mentioning the 2 big loves in my life.  My partner and soul mate who somehow manages to cope with living with a wild, untameable woman standing in her truth… and our beloved rescue greyhound Max.

Yes… my life revolves around Love.
And I love it.

I’m just so delighted to be opening up this blog here for you… where we can all immerse and share the healing and real deal love that comes through channellings, insights, guidance and my own quirky, random musings on this crazy, but beautiful, path we call life.

Much Love,