What on EARTH is LOVE?

So here’s the thing, we’ve just been through Valentines Day here in the UK and we were surrounded by mushy music, pink teddy bears and commercialised hearts.  It was as if Love hadn’t existed on any other day of the year!

And as much as I’m a romantic and I love, “Love”… I did find it hard to get myself all excited about this man made event… which is basically becoming just more and more of a money making machine!

Now, what gets me really excited… is the thought of REAL DEAL LOVE in my every day life.

A Love that is not of our world or of our making.

A love that cannot be described or categorised.

A love that expands our hearts and lifts our spirits.

A love that is pure freedom of being with no judgement, expectations or limits.

A love that HEALS the wounds of earthly life.

A love that inspires.

A love that comforts.

A love that enlightens.

And a love that empowers.

This real deal love is the truth that is within us… a truth that cannot be extinguished.  This love is our life-force, it is our connection with Source.  It’s who we are.

This love is eternal and it flows through us when we are awake, asleep, angry, sad, happy, peaceful and even when we are just downright pissed off.  It is the truth behind our everything.

And it’s through our awakening that we realise we have this limitless power within us.  It’s through our awakening that we discover ourselves as our own healers.  It’s through our desire to find meaning in our life that we reconnect with Love and we open our hearts to the magnificence and beauty of our truth.

Everyday life will still carry on around us.  Challenges will still come and go… but when we are aligned and in our truth… so Love will be our default and our journey through this life will become easier.  When your heart is open, so you see the gifts and blessings around you and you are aligned with the miracles of the Universe..  When your heart is closed, so you cut off the magic, you deny yourself and you hand over to fear, small thinking and an ego led and logical perspective. 

Put simply… You are disconnected.

Make today the day that you choose Love over everything else.  Make today the day that you set Love as your default.  Make today the day that you see yourself as sacred and Divine.

Make today the day that you finally meet yourself and know yourself as Love manifest Upon Earth.

You Are LOVE!

Much Love

Come and join the transformation over at love your life again! 

Come and join the transformation over at love your life again!