The Power of the Healing Shift

So today I'm just taking some time to talk about the power of the healing shiftIt’s a powerful part of the healing process that is often not talked about.  We all want that shift… but when it comes along it can have some of us wishing we’d never asked for it.

Healing is transformation… and that means change!  No surprise there!  It is my role as your mentor, healer, teacher, channel… call me what you like… to instigate that change and support you through your healing shift on all levels.  

It’s also my role to be your trigger… and if I'm not triggering you, then I'm not doing my job... I would be putting just another fluffy superficial spiritual bandaid over an issue that needs addressed.  That was the old way of luvvyduvvyhealing... but we are now in the realm of the 5D and "real deal grounded get to the root if it Healing... and Let's DO this!"

Sometimes moving through intense shifts brings up uncomfortable responses and realizations. But this is GREAT NEWS!!!!   It means you are responding... you are shifting... and on the other side of this release of resistance and 'old yuk' is a whole new you!! 

The most common healing responses are physical and emotional … aches and pains appearing from seemingly nowhere, headaches, being grumpy and out of sorts… being frustrated… being overly sensitive, emotional and weepy… needing to release in the bathroom more than usual… changing likes, dislikes and preferences… fatigue and needing quiet time alone.

So here’s some tips on how to help yourself move your magical transformation from the inside out.

  • Drink plenty of mineral water... take it easy where you can. 
  • Honour your healing... talk kindly to yourself. 
  • Don't beat yourself up because you're not flying around with unicorns and want to hug every person you come across. 
  • Treat yourself to a massage… yes… you DO deserve one!
  • Have that scrummy chocolate biscuit and cuppa in bed… have an early night.
  • Watch a chick flick and give yourself an excuse to cry those unshed tears.  

But me being your trigger doesn't mean that I don't care or feel for you as you move through these shifts... what it actually means is that I hold you with hugest love, honour and compassion, because I know and empathise with what you're moving through.... Believe me... I've been there and I KNOW… and I’ve got some pretty dodgy old T-shirts to prove it!

It is my honour to hold immense loving space for you to shift and heal.... but neither will I allow you to slip into an 'oh poor me... this is hard'... or 'I don't like what you said' … or for you to not push through any self sabotaging resistance that rears its head to keep you small and in your box.

Oh no… that is not the Goddess emerging!  No no no no… we don’t welcome in the ‘pitymeplease’ energy as we move through this shifts.  We ride these incredible waves through our willingness to know ourselves.. .our willingness to heal… and our courage in facing ourselves and our truth.


  • Delving deep.
  • Clearing out ingrained patterns.
  • Opening the door to your closed down heart 
  • Owning your self worth
  • Loving yourself
  • Establishing your boundaries
  • Reclaiming your power
  • Stepping out to shine your light
  • Up-levelling in all areas of your life

Old resistance, beliefs, judgement and 'shite' IS going to come up... but you can let it go.... AND move on from it!

You can choose to run away from yourself and your truth..... or you can pull on your big girl pants and love yourself with all your heart and do the work necessary to free yourself up to REALLY LOVE YOU and your life again.

And as long as you do the ‘work’… you are going to heal.

The transformation that I share through the Star Beings of Channelling Love is immense.  The power of their vibration and presence is not to be underestimated… but it is also hugely supportive, deeply honest and compassionate….and when you are ready to know yourself, meet yourself, shed your illusions, facades and step into your powerful brilliance… you are never, ever going to regret taking that leap of faith into you.

The good news is that I am here to support you! I am here to hold space for you. I will trigger you…. but I am also here to hold your hand as you heal. I am here to lead the way into your brilliance, power and beautiful heart. And you are never alone.

This is the power of real deal healing.

And I want you to be able to stand in your power…arms thrown wide with your beautiful heart radiating your incredible presence, confidence, self belief, peace, joy and light out into the world.  This is the reality of what awaits you on the other side of the healing shift.

I want you to live the life of your dreams.

Surely that is worth a few bumps along the road.

Come on into the vortex… it’s time to heal.

You’ve got this… and I’ve got your back.

Much Love

Start transformation here!

Start transformation here!