The Magic of Safari Spirit


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There’s something about being in Africa that grabs your heart and opens you up to meet yourself.  The self that you don’t really know… the self that has become lost behind layers of conditioning… fears… and ingrained beliefs.

You feel the calling to go there… you’re drawn to Safari holidays and yet you really don’t want the superficial touristy experience.  You want to really FEEL Africa… you want to connect with the land, with the people, with the culture and the wildlife… but not as an anonymous part of a conveyor belt experience.  You want it to be genuine and respectful to the environment and wildlife.  You want it to be from the heart.

And this is where Safari Spirit comes in.

We welcome you into our hearts and the heart of Mama Afrika.  We hold your hand… we hold space for you as you witness and immerse in amazing up close wildlife encounters that expand your mind and fill your heart.  We encourage you to let your hair down… we laugh with you… we cry with you… we allow you to heal, grow and awaken.  We share your journey with you… but we also give you that essential and precious space to BE.

So what’s it like to surrender to the magic and drop down into the genuine heartfelt African experience?  Well… what’s it like to shower under the stars within your own private suite and spa?  Would you happily abandon your inhibitions or resist and fear the freedom?

What does it feel like to be so close to a wild elephant that you can look him in the eye and see the bristly hairs on his wrinkled skin?  

What does it feel like to see the graceful giraffes emerge through the dawn mists?  

What does it feel like to walk around the lodge grounds and meet the peaceful herds of nyala? What does it feel like to run behind a bush for your first 'Bush Wee' out in nature?

What does it feel like to walk the stunning deserted beach at sunrise?

What does it feel like to have an ice cold beer at sundown out in the bush.

What does it feel like to see a lion, rare leopard or rhino?

What does it feel like to swim with wild dolphins?

This is where words seem inadequate to describe an experience of the heart!


On Safari Spirit you are seen and heard… we understand what it’s like to be out of your comfort zone.. but this is where we invite you to let go of your ‘normal’.  We acknowledge the immense emotional euphoria that moves through you when you look a wild elephant in the eye… or jump into the ocean to swim with the wild dolphins… and overcome any fears.  But it’s only when you’re willing to surrender and push past your ingrained behavioural patterns, barriers and beliefs that the magic can be fully revealed.  And boy oh boy… do we celebrate those special moments with you too!

These are the moments that your heart has been yearning for!  To feel truly ALIVE… to be fully present and AWAKE to the beauty of earthly life and your amazing Divine self!

From the outside, we are often drawn to the adventure of foreign lands and the unknown… it sounds romantic and we go for it.  But then, when we are faced with new situations… new environments… new foods… new experiences, cultures and energies… we revert back to yearning for the security of the known.  We yearn for our comfortable warm bed in suburbia… we yearn for our familiar brand of bread … we yearn for knowing what the day will hold… we yearn to feel secure again… we yearn for the illusion of security that we have clung to for so long because it’s all that we’ve ever known.

But imagine this… how would you feel if you woke up in the morning and you weren’t filled with the heavy dullness of normality.  What if you woke up in the morning and you had a day ahead that was filled with amazing new possibilities… filled with awakening experiences… filled with magical encounters with wildlife and sacred lands where you can feel the heartbeat of Mamma Afrika moving through you?  And you feel yourself coming alive.

This is the healing that comes through for you, out in the wilds of the African bush and ocean… where Mother Nature holds space for you let go.  Where we hold space for you to open.. to release… to renew and revive your mind, body and soul.  

Would you cling to your familiar responses or would you fling your arms wide open and welcome the transformation in?

Would you see the beauty and the blessings around you… or would you focus on the little challenges of being out of your comfort zone?  

Would the sound of calling monkeys and their clattering footsteps running over your cabin roof unnerve you or excite you?

Would you look at the swell of the ocean and open your heart to the wild dolphins waiting behind then surf… or would you worry about being out of your depth?  

But what if you laughed like you’ve never laughed before… what if you felt a deep peace move through you… what if you felt your burdens and pressures lift away and a new direction unfold before you?  What if you found the answers to what you’ve been looking for?

Imagine how liberating and empowering that would be!

Now imagine moving through this beautiful self discovery while staying in grassroots luxury cabins where there may not be the strongest wifi… but where the staff welcome you in as family and where you are safe to reconnect with Mother Earth and your own heart.  

Your priorities begin to shift and your focus moves within.

Because it’s through connecting with our inner world, that we feel secure within our material world.  It isn’t the walls around us or the locks on our doors or the amount of money in the bank… it’s our own connection with our heart and true nature.  It’s our connection with the Divine.

And then we begin to discover how amazing… how brave… how powerful.. how loving… how strong… how compassionate… how forgiving… and how incredible we all actually are.

Safari Spirit is so much more than a Safari… it’s a retreat… it’s an adventure… it’s a life enhancing experience that you will treasure for years to come… where friendships are borne and where magic unfolds.

2018 dates coming soon.

Will you be with us?