Wild and Free to be ME

Who wants to be normal anyway?

We're brought up and conditioned to fit into boxes of what is acceptable and what's not acceptable... what's good and what's bad... what makes us successful and what deems us a failure.

Now that is what I call crazy. It's totally f*cked up!! I mean... who created those rules... who set those standards... who decided that that was the way life should be?

Where's our freedom? Where's our creativity? Where's our heart? Where's the LOVE and the JOY?? Where's the truth of our Divinity as souls of LIGHT?

When you step out of the box and dare to 'be different' ....you dare to speak your truth... follow your heart... and not conform to what is expected of you.... you get shot down as being 'weird'... or a 'trouble maker'... or... 'flaky'.

Well, here's the thing. I have always been different. As I grew up, I realised that I don't think the same as Jane Doe... I didn't behave the same... I didn't feel the same way....and the more that this became obvious... the more I was pushed and squashed back down and back into that bloody box.

But here's my truth.

I am a rebel through LOVE.

I believe everything is possible.

I am not afraid.

I am WILD.

I will not be tied down and you cannot own me.

I am FREE.

I see the good in everyone. I see how amazing this world could be. And I KNOW that we can all transform our lives and transform our world into a place of peace and love.

I also have a wholly inappropriate sense of humour which can be perplexing to some... simply because we've been sold an image of what a healer and light worker should be.

Well... here's the thing...I can FEEL the flakey fakery and see straight through all facades.... and it's energetically painful. It's superficial.

I do LOVE.


I do real deal HEALING.

I will tell you the truth. I will wake you up. I will trigger you. I will open doors for you to see your own beauty and power. I will raise your vibration and open your mind to see how beautifully crazy you are too.

I love you because you are Love itself.

It's time for us Wild Women to get back to being us. My God... it's time. No more good girl... no more doormats... no more martyrdom... no more "yes sir no sir"... because... enough is enough.

Aren't you tired of being miserable? Aren't you tired of playing the victim? Aren't you just damn tired of being trapped in a way of being that you know isn't who you are?

Well, the minute we reclaim our power back and move into our hearts.... all becomes possible.

It's a choice.

Where do you choose to be?

If your heart is screaming out for the wild freedom of being you... then join me in
The Healing Vibration of Star Being Love.

You've got this... and I've got your back.

Real Deal Love,

 Find your freedom through my LOVE YOUR LIFE AGAIN group NOW! 

 Find your freedom through my LOVE YOUR LIFE AGAIN group NOW!