The Spiritual Wobbles

The Spiritual Wobbles

Do you really know you? Do you want to know you? I mean, do you really want to know you? Sometimes we think we do... we start the journey and do a bit of soul searching and healing...and then we begin to freak out because 'stuff' comes up and we have to face it and move through it. Yikes! But it's also ok! The emotional freak outs and wobbles are all part of our ascension and growth.

The thing is, once you open the door to your spiritual self discovery and the truth of who you are, you can't un-know what you've discovered or learnt... you don't want to go back to how you were... and yet moving forward looks 'Scary Mary'. We often end up having these 'toddler tantrums' and internal fights that really come down to our own fears, limiting beliefs and crappy self worth.

But when we step out of our own drama and story... and can see ourselves as if from the outside... it doesn't feel nearly as overwhelming and we then have the chance to say to ourselves.
"You know what, Sally? I just can't find the energy to tie myself up in knots and be stressed or anxious or try to figure the heck out of something that can't be figured out. I'm over it. I'm dropping it all and coming back to a place of peace. Find your alignment. Find your peace. Find your balance. Find what makes you FEEL good.

And...sometimes saying F*ck it is the best thing you can do.

I did this at the weekend... took a massive decision that I was terrified to make... and suddenly all the drama and stress was resolved. If only I'd listened to my intuition earlier I would have saved myself a whole month's worth of angst... and some significant abundance too!

It's natural for us to wobble and be fearful... but it's even more natural to be at peace and in trust. This is our body's natural state of being... and it's our minds and egos that keep us out of this alignment through the stories we tell ourselves... and of course the utter dross that we're fed by society and the media.

Whatever you are facing and moving through, follow the path that brings peace to your body. Notice if you are resisting, procrastinating, shit scared or if there is something practical that needs to be adjusted... and then do what needs to be done.

If you're wobbling... it's for a reason... a shift is underway. Understand your wobbles... acknowledge your wobbles... face your wobbles... love yours wobbles and then take a deep breath and move through them and then let them go. It's done.

Wobbles are part of your journey... you asked for the transformation and now you're getting it! No going back!

Right, now I'm off to have some cake... there needs to be something to wobble after all...

Big love and hugs all round... you're all amazing!