The Power of Surrender

Surrender... Surrender... Surrender

One powerful word that holds infinite healing and inner peace... but one which holds a multitude of layers, lessons and challenges within it too. 

 Are you living your life as a 'fighter?'

Are you the one that holds 'life' together for those around you?
Are you the one that holds yourself together when others are losing the plot?
Are you the one that inwardly says "I can't cope with this" and then wins the medal for outwardly coping so admirably?
Are you the swan that glides so beautifully on the outside but paddles so furiously on the inside to stop drowning?
Are you the one that has to 'keep going' or the world will stop turning?
Are you the one that stuffs your emotions down so deeply that you don't even know you're repressed?
Are you the one that's so numb from keeping going, that you've no idea how to feel anymore?
Are you the one that yearns to verbalize the words that are trapped in your throat and heart, but you've no idea how to actually say them?

Well, the first step to your healing is not to force yourself to speak up... it's to let go.

To give up the 'fight'.
To allow.
To create space.

When your mind, body and energy field are so tangled up, clogged up, stuffed, NUMBED and overloaded with past emotions, beliefs, patterning, life experiences, fears and 'shite'... you have to be willing to let go of being in control. Your being in control is holding you back from your healing.

Your cork has to pop.

You cannot heal, while you are still trying to 'control' and 'cope' and hold it all together.

Yup... you have to surrender... 

You have to let all that agonising pain surface... 
You have to allow yourself to FEEL...
You have to drop the 'coping' layers that have held you together. 
You have to allow the tears come.
You have to allow your heart to break all over again.
You have to shatter the ingrained patterning.
You have to hand yourself over in trust.
You have to be willing to see yourself.
You have to face yourself.
You have to be honest with yourself.

Or... your life will just continue as it is.

What I will tell you, from my own experience... is this.

This transient pain... this transient uncontrollable grief... this transient phase of suffering and feeling like you're 'falling apart'... this transient phase of feeling like a raw nerve and open wound.... this transient phase of unprompted floods of tears.... this transient phase of feeling the pain of the world in the cells of your physical body... this transient phase of feeling utterly lost and confused..... this transient phase of feeling utterly distraught and broken.... WILL PASS <3

For in allowing your 'granite walls of coping' to fall down, you ARE, in fact, allowing yourself to rise... and ... to RISE in your TRUTH.

You WILL find YOU <3

Don't run away from your own healing with excuses of time, money or whatever else you come up with.
Be brave and move through your ego's resistance...


Surrender into the heart of the Universe...surrender to your Higher Self... surrender into the moment... surrender into your emotions... surrender.... for this is where you will find YOU.... and the immense beauty, power and brilliance of your Divine Being.

I want you to know that you ARE held, you ARE loved, you ARE supported... and you ARE SAFE to feel.... and you ARE SAFE to heal.

Just as I am being held through my own healing right now.... so you too are being held in the arms of the Universe.
It's time for us to release our wounds so that we can rise into our power.

It's time to Surrender.

It's time to HEAL.

Much Love