Meeting your Sekhmet

Meet Sekhmet. She is part of you.

She is your wildness. She is your roar. She is your fire and your rage. She is the Goddess that holds your boundaries and honours your integrity. She is the one that awakens when you discover your power and Divine Feminine Strength.

She isn't pretty or dressed in pink. She is the red of blood and the orange of fire and her passion and force is not to be messed with. She will guard your door and roar when you are dishonoured... she will pace with rage when your boundaries are being broached... she will scream, yell, fight, kick, scratch and allow her force to take her forward through the battle and on into her integrity.

She will not lie down and be the good girl.

When you meet your Sekhmet, you finally begin to know yourself. For she is real and she cannot be denied. Until you've met your Sekhmet, you do not know yourself.

Today my Sekhmet is out in full force. I allow her to rage. I allow her to scream. I allow her to show me the truth and for me to feel the truth. I love her and I love me.

Be yourself... and don't hold back. 
 You are so much more than you believe yourself to be.
And Sekhmet is part of you.

Don't allow the social, spiritual accepted image of the Divine Feminine to fool you.

You are a force to be reckoned with and being a goodytwoshoes isn't part of that.

So for today... approach with caution. It's no holds barred and I am not afraid to be me... or speak the truth.

Real Deal Love,