Today I ditched my laptop and went out. I ended up walking through some gorgeous gardens outside Edinburgh with a friend from my Hong Kong days... and as we chatted and wandered along the paths through the trees, I saw this stone, engraved with the words Only Connect.

Then early this evening, still ignoring my laptop, I watched a programme where a member of a remote tribe in Guyana swapped lives for a week with a civil servant from London.

The message of disconnection could not have been clearer.

The civil servant was welcomed into the tribe and taken care of with humour, respect and support. The tribesman was ignored and pushed out of the way when asking for help and directions.

Are we really so self centred and fearful that we don't even stop to help a fellow man? 
Where is our compassion?
Where has simple kindness gone? 
Where has our trust gone?

The answer is that we have moved so far out of our hearts, that it's become normal to be ignorant, rude and 'better not to get involved.'

Now, I'm not talking about any of you specifically... I am generalising about the state of humanity. But we all have a part to play.

I too have looked away from a homeless person on the street. I've also gone and bought a sandwich and drink for a homeless person on the street. I find it difficult to talk to strangers because that's how I was conditioned as a child. I can also instantly open up to someone when I feel a resonance with their energy, but I will also shut down when my gut says something's not right.

But yesterday I shared the most amazing heartfelt smile with a complete stranger in the supermarket... it was like the sun radiated out of her. We literally stood there grinning at each other... no agenda, no expectation... no judgement... no fear. My heart opened... and we connected. No words were shared... and then we both went on our way. We SAW each other, shared an intimate moment of connection... and it was incredibly up-lifting, heart opening and joyful.

This is the power of connection... we see past the appearance, we see past the circumstance, we reject our fear and our prejudice... and we feel waves of joy, recognition, and no longer feel 'alone.'

I know it is hard in our crazy western modern world, to reach out to strangers. We are in a fear led society, we are are encouraged to close our doors, put up barriers of protection, don't speak to strangers, don't let anyone in, or God forbid you open up and trust someone....

but hang on a minute... what's wrong with just sharing a smile or a kind word, or a bit of compassion?


We can't heal the world if we aren't willing to connect with each other.
We can't heal ourselves if we aren't willing to open our hearts.
We can't expect a miracle if our minds are closed shut.

But if we were to open our hearts just a little bit more each day... if we were to share a little bit more love and kindness each day... if we were to move through life with compassion, respect and honour.... then this is when we will start to reconnect and re-member that every living soul and living being upon our beautiful planet is inter-connected.

And when we reconnect energetically and emotionally with the Universe, ourselves and each other... WE HEAL.

It's time to heal our separation.
It's time to reconnect with our hearts and our truth.
It's time to heal the world.
It's time to really reconnect with LOVE.

And it can all start with a simple smile <3

Real deal love,

Sally xx