Do You Believe?

So, here's a question for you... what are you actually ready to believe?

Or... put another way, what old beliefs are you ready to let go of?

In our Western culture, we are conditioned into beliefs of what is possible, probable, acceptable... and what isn't. We are taught how to think, what to think, what's right, what's wrong... and if anything doesn't fit into those boxes, then it's rubbish, it's lies, it's fake.

Well, what if I was to say to you that miracles are a reality? What if I was to say to you that aliens (for want of a confrontational word) are a reality? What if I was to say to you that you can turn your life around? What if I was to say to you that miracle healing is a reality?

Would you believe me? Or would you resist me, doubt me and 'poo-poo' me? Or would a little spark of excitement ignite within...

Think about it. What's your initial gut reaction, to being told that miracles are a reality? 
Because your initial reaction is a reflection of how open you are to receiving the miracle... and to releasing your old limiting beliefs... to opening your mind.. to opening your heart... to experiencing what you previously believed to be impossible.

This morning I am inspired to push your boundaries of belief.

In the Channelling Love webinar last night, the video captured small orbs of light around me that suddenly changed direction. Even my gorgeous, logical thinking partner, couldn't quite rationalise them.

Yes, it would be easy to just say they were specks of dust or a random tiny fly caught in the light... because that's more acceptable and believable. In doing that, you don't have to face the unknown or have your beliefs challenged. But what if.... this was just one tiny, eye opening piece of visible evidence to help you expand your mind so that you can open up to the truth of yourself as a being of light and love... and to there being a higher inter-dimensional intelligence and presence that is here to help you?!

Are you going to freak out and run away and say it's fake
... or are you going to fling your arms wide open and shout out to the world... 
"Bring it ON!" 
"I am ready to HEAL!" 
"I am ready to AWAKEN!"
"I am ready to connect!"
"I am ready to discover the real me!"

There is always a choice.

I can't say for sure what that was on the video... but I do know that a highly advanced collective presence of Star Beings works through me to heal those that come to sit in their vibration. Even as I write that, it sounds nuts, crazy and an egotistical exaggeration... but nevertheless... it's the truth. There is physical evidence and testimonials to prove it.

When you move out of your head and into your heart, your life transforms. 
When you align with a higher vibration that's only focus is LOVE... your life transforms.
When you let go of the old... your life will transform beyond belief.

That is the miracle that we deny ourselves on a daily basis, simply because of our conditioned, limited human created beliefs.

Whatever your thoughts and beliefs around my work, ET's, light beings, star beings, angels, unicorns and all things generally deemed, and written off, as not real.... you cannot deny the physical evidence when it is brought to your door.

Perhaps today will be the day that you drop your resistance to the unknown... perhaps today you will drop the barriers around your heart.... perhaps today you will allow the impossible to be possible... perhaps today, will be your turning point.

Perhaps today will be the day that you awaken <3

Real deal Love, 


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