It's Time to WAKE UP...

So many souls are waking up... if you are waking up, then so is another... and another and another... all around the world.

But what does waking up mean?

To me... waking up means that you discover that innate hidden aspect of yourself. That part of you that is untouchable, indescribable... and yet which feels the very core of you.

It isn't your looks, your name, your address or your job.
It isn't your personality.
It isn't your nationality, culture, religion or beliefs.
And it isn't your thoughts.

Waking up is when you start to feel that there has to be more to life than this.

Waking up is when you start to question your life and who you are.

Waking up, is when you start to see the illusions that so many people live within.

Waking up is when you start to FEEL.

Waking up is realising that what you're being told, shown and conditioned into believing through society, media and family... isn't necessarily the truth.

Waking up is discovering the expansive, limitless world within you.

Waking up is discovering energy and spirituality.

Waking up is when you start to realise that you don't fit in with 'normal' anymore because you can see through it, and you no longer fit in.

Waking up is when you start to hear the call of your heart and your inner intuitive voice.

And it will completely transform and turn your life and world around.

When you 'find yourself'.... when you align with a higher vibration... this when you begin to heal the separation of self... but also your life.

Old patterns fall away. 
Old fears that ruled and limited you... are broken through. 
Old beliefs that held you in judgement of others... cannot exist. 
Feelings of not being good enough... simply cannot exist when you embody a higher vibration.

It's like you've taken the Matrix pill. You cannot go back into your ignorance and unknowing as the illusions fall away and the truth is revealed.

You face yourself... and you meet yourself as LOVE.
You see the world through your heart instead of your ego and mind.
What you see around you in the modern world, feels like ridiculous bullshit and you simply can't be part of it.

This is the birth of the new paradigm where will live through the vibration of love with self responsibility and awakened consciousness.
This is where we find peace with ourselves... and when our material world aligns around us to reflect our rising and strengthening vibration as light and love upon earth.

This is healing. For you and the world.

This is the healing that the Star Beings of Channelling Love bring you.

It's time to wake up.

Real deal love,