Materially Detached...

How attached are you to your material life?

Is your life not worth living without Gucci? Or perhaps you don't feel worthy without your Gucci bag or dress?

We are continually being bombarded with images of what we need to have in our life, in order to feel good... what we should have in our life, in order to be accepted in our society... how our house should look... what clothes we should wear... how we should behave, what we should cook and blahblahblahblah...

For the love of God.... ENOUGH!!!

The more you identify yourself with what is going on outside of you and around you... the more you lose touch with that amazing inner world of yours. In other words your truth.

The more you need the material world to validate your worth, the more separate you become from Love.

Just how frikking sad is that? It's actually worse than that... it's epidemic... and it's become the norm.

Magazines and media are filled with images of clothes, models, lifestyle fashions, gossip, fear, gossip, more clothes, more skinny models, more immaculate houses, more cushions, knicknacks, gadgets, cars, luggage, holidays, cleaning products, food, food, food... junk food, fake happy people, angry people, people in fear.. people in lack... people in victim... people in pain... people controlling other people... people totally in ego....people looking to make a buck and a name for themselves.... the list goes on and on and on.

Is that the world that you want to be a part of? Do you want to contribute to this way of living? Do you want this low vibe to permeate and mess with your high vibe, inner peace and heart based life?

Well, I sure as hell don't!

In that case, you need to step back from the shelves of gossipy celeb magazines... stop watching the mainstream news... stop following reality tv that's not real at all... stop watching soap operas that are filled with struggle and emotional pain... stop trying to fit it and follow the given trends and fashions.

Now, I'm not saying that I live like a hermit and have no possessions and continually deny myself the comforts of life... or enjoy the odd bit of tv. But what I am saying is that if I don't have the latest fashion, or keep revamping my home to keep up with the Jones's... or know who the celebrities are these days and what they're up to... then to me, it doesn't matter.
It just doesn't matter.

I couldn't care less... because my world revolves around love. I align with love. I align with souls that live from the heart. I align with those who are living their truth and who see beyond the material.

I do not subscribe to a consumerist and materialist life. To me it's all fake, controlled and profit led. I see through it all.

If we want our world to be a better place, then we have to make the choices that will bring about that change and unplug from the shite that we are being fed.

When we start to awaken our hearts and discover ourselves spiritually, we have the chance to choose to tune into our own intuitive knowing... listen to our heart... honour and respect other souls... be generous... be kind... set loving boundaries... be self responsible... be compassionate.

So stop buying, reading and watching trash! That stuff is going to hold you back from YOU. Feed your soul and your light with positive uplifting entertainment. Feed your physical body with clean nutrition. Seek out the positive and unplug from the collective fear led negative hype!

The more you pull back from it, the more you'll realise how much it actually permeated your life and your well being, your thoughts, your health, your beliefs and your mindset.

You are LOVE... and love needs nothing to validate it.

Stand in your truth ladies and let's bring the truth of love out into the world instead of gossip, fear, consumerism and greed. <3

We can do it... together <3

Real deal love

Words from the Star Beings of Channelling Love

Words from the Star Beings of Channelling Love