October's Healing Portal is Open!

Channelling Love’s 3 Day Online Healing Portal

Thursday 10th October - Sunday 13th October 2019

I’m so excited that the Star Beings’ Healing Portal will be opening for another LIVE event! Three full days immersion into their incredible vibrational presence…. and our focus for this healing portal is

Embodying our truth and freedom through LOVE

We start on the Thursday afternoon with the creation of their Earth Mandala to anchor their presence into Mother Earth and open up the energy portal… so the healing channel will be continually flowing throughout the event… and then each day will include an inspired focus post, a pure healing livestream from out in nature, a ‘keeping it real’ post, an afternoon livestream chat, insight and sharing and the evening will have the full channelling with light language in Zoom where we can all see each other and share how we’re doing afterwards. And the spaces between all of that is where the magic unfolds as we surrender into the healing flow and processing.

Full information and booking is HERE!

And in the meantime, here’s a livestream I did from where the Earth Mandala is going to be created!

If your heart hears the call… come on in! It’s only £33 and there will be replays available on the day so there’s no missing out… and you also get to come into The Healing Portal Tribe group for all participants, past and present!

See you in there!