The Truth Bomb


At 4.30am I was woken up by a surge of words and energy pushing through me… and I knew it was time to once again speak up and honour what I felt.

The Star Beings that work through me have always been primarily about the high vibrational healing that comes from BEING in their presence.

Their direct spoken guidance started because they wanted to communicate with us, and the only way they could initially get their message across, was through our version of language. And because I really wanted the channelling of their presence to be something that would be believed, accepted and somewhat quantifiable... I went with it. But over the last few months especially, I've increasingly had a very strong feeling that I need to honour exactly what the Star Beings are here for.

The awakening, transformation and physical/emotional healing that occurs while you're in their presence doesn't happen because they speak to you or answer your questions... it happens because you are WITH them vibrationally.

They have answered questions to satisfy the mind and ego. They have shared verbal guidance to fill the space of silent presence because it's more comfortable for our egos than opening up to face and feel the truth of ourselves, through the silence. They have shared messages of reassurance, love, insight and truth... but the truth is... by answering our needs at this human level we are missing out BIG time on what they are actually here to share with us.

An experience of LOVE that takes us beyond words, out of our heads, back into our hearts and opens up our innate multidimensionality.

If you come to the Star Beings asking 3D questions about work, relationships, the future, etc, then you are limiting their gift to satisfy your ego and your conditioned beliefs. But if you come with an open heart to meet yourself purely through the vibration and you’re willing to surrender into BEING and FEELING them with you and through you, then you are opening a magnificent door to a whole new way of healing, embodying and fulfilling your multi-dimensional self.

I get it, I really do. We all want to be told everything is going to be ok, what to do and that we're special... I know I still do (!)... but our hearts already know these answers... so why limit a connection with an advanced galactic intelligence to a human need that originates from fear with a need of validation?

There are amazing channels out there that are sharing incredible wisdom and love through the spoken word from collectives, angels, and Ascended Masters… but the Star Beings of Channelling Love are not this type of channel and I'm no longer going to try and make me and the Star Beings fit into that box.

If I am to show the way forward then I need to be fearlessly different… bring change… open new doors… and honour what the Star Beings are truly here for. They are here to help us move beyond our minds and need for words, proof and reason… their presence gifts us an experience that takes us beyond our humanness… and re-unites us with our truth as vibrational LOVE.

And that is done through THEIR vibrational presence ... and also now through the vibration of their light language.

By me, doing my own inner work and freeing myself up to surrender further into the unknown, the Star Beings can communicate and share their healing through a 'language' that we don't understand... but which our body and soul does. When we let go of the ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘what’ … we drop into limitless quantum possibilities for our health, spiritual expansion, happiness and peace.

So, I am now stepping up to honour this... and I will no longer be offering personal conversations with the Star Beings online or channelled Illumination Oracle card readings. These offerings now feel old and heavy to me… it’s time to let them go so that we can all move inward, outward, forwards, upwards, downwards, diagonally, laterally… and expand multi-dimensionally. 5D is already here and it’s time to fully step into it.

I will continue to share the Star Beings’ verbal guidance on retreats and within Channelling Love's online Healing Collective Group.. but it will be within their flow. I’m letting go of my control and all expectations, judgements and opinions from outside.

You can now book in for 30 or 60 minutes of pure powerful vibrational presence with the Star Beings accompanied with light language. The Star Beings are now in the galactic driving seat. 

I'll update my website soonest, but if your heart hears the call, just message me now to book in for pure Star Being Healing.
30 minutes for £50 / 60 minutes for £97 with audio recording to keep.

It’s time.

Sally xx