Join my free Global Healing!

My heart invites you to join me on Saturday 22nd June at 10am Spanish time for…


A global healing to raise the vibration of the Alpujarra mountains where I live, from the proposed electricity highway… and to anchor more light and love into Mother Earth and humanity… from wherever you are in the world.

Click the image to be taken to the Facebook event with all the details!

The photo below was taken not so long ago from up on our roof as the sun was setting… if RED Eléctrica España get their way, there'll be a massive 50m high pylon, less than 250m from our house on the left hand side of this picture... with around 50m either side of it being decimated to make way for foundations etc... not to mention all the other proposed pylons of this electricity highway, that come before and after it.

We are by no means the only ones affected... and further to supporting the incredible efforts of the official and legal campaign, 'Dí No A Las Torres' to protect the Alpujarra mountains, our homes and this stunning area... I wanted to do something more. Birgit Morayma Harp and I wanted to do something more... and as healers, our forte is in working with energy and embodying the power of positive intent, unity and love.

This may not be your thing... but from my own experience, when people gather together to create change through love... to raise consciousness and awareness... and the vibrational state of a situation, place or person... then what we first believed as impossible, becomes possible.

As a healer and channel, I see these shifts, transformations and supposed miracles as normal. Our mindsets, our emotions, our energetic vibrational state... the openness of our hearts, free from judgement, separation or ego... are tools that we can use to better our world, ourselves and our lives, and the lives of others. We are not separate to the energy of the mountains, land, trees or wildlife... our own energy is intertwined with everything that we see around us... the good and the not so good... so in raising our own energetic vibrational state, in holding the highest vision... in tuning into the power of love, we are also doing this for all that is around us. And where there is a consistent high vibration, the lower vibrations of greed, hate, pylons etc and all of that, cannot exist.

Again, this may not be your thing... and that's totally ok... I am not here to convert or make you believe anything that doesn't resonate with you... but I am here to invite your heart to join us if you feel the call. Come in person, or join us on the livestream. There is a global network of people joining this healing from around the world... and so what started as a local event, has turned into healing for the whole of our beautiful Mother Earth. A huge, heartfelt thank you to every single one of you who has been part of this and who is supporting us in protecting the Alpujarras.

I am passionate about protecting this special area of Spain... I fell in love with the mountains and land the very first time we came here... and truly feel that we've found family through the amazing people here... and I am proud to call it my home. My Spanish may still be patchy, but my heart is 100% here and I will do all that I can to preserve this incredible landscape, our livelihoods, lifestyle, flora and fauna.

And I will do this through the power of LOVE.

See you Saturday 💜