3 Day Online Healing Portal - LIVE!


Friday 26th - Sunday 28th July 2019

Do you feel like you’re being tumbled around in an energetic washing machine of emotional turbulence, release, shifting, up levelling and all round ‘Holy Moly, I can’t take anymore of this’ ascension growth stuff?

Well, here’s the answer!

I am opening up a 3 day online Healing Portal, where I will share live Channellings, Healings and Illumination Insights from the Star Beings to release those last shreds of resistance, fear and control and bring you into your heart to feel grounded, open, connected, expansive, inspired, free, fully self aware and basically just awesome!

Will it be like any other healing programme? NOPE!!

But you can be sure that you’ll step out of the emotional and energetic spin cycle to move deeper into your heart, and raise your vibrational presence into LOVE in an open, authentic non fluffy and… wait for it… fun way.

Every day I will share...

🌟A 30 minute Morning Livestream Healing, in the private Facebook group, starting with an Illumination focus for the healing as we immerse in the Star Being’s pure vibrational presence. These healings will be shared out in nature to enhance our connection with mother earth and the Universe and create a grid of light around the world.

🌟An afternoon pick me up/check in spotlight post… inspirational and grounded humour for your heart and soul… because healing is laughter and laughter is healing… and here at Channelling Love we keep it real.

🌟An Evening channelling in Zoom where we can all get together in circle and immerse in a full Star Being healing with light language and possibly their spoken verbal guidance for the group… all in complete surrendered flow. There will be open floor afterwards for you to share, chat, connect, express and ask questions. Replay will be posted straight away into the Facebook group for those that can’t join live.

🌟I will create the Star Being’s healing mandala out in Mother Nature with activated quartz crystals to hold the galactic healing vibration in our portal and anchor it into Mother Earth. All participants may include the names of all those they wish to receive healing too.

This is not a coaching programme with lots of fluffy talking… it is pure powerful immersion into the galactic vibrational healing presence of the Star Beings. It is their vibration that literally blasts through our illusions, fear, resistance, old beliefs and conditioned patterns, excuses and all of that Shebang, by connecting with you and give you such a deep, personal and spiritual experience of TRUE LOVE that your mundane 3D life is never the same again. Their presence literally shifts you into a higher vibrational state of being... and thank goodness for that. It's time to THRIVE... not just survive.

Are you in?

It’s only £33

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