I'm now a NEMS Mentor! Come on in!

What on earth does that mean Sally?

Well, here’s the short version…. I hardly recognise myself from a few months ago... my inner world that was a place of 'struggling alone' lack, f*cked up family dynamics and low self worth, that wasn't visible to the outside world... is now shifting, expanding, releasing the old and allowing me to step into the real me that I hadn't realised was still so repressed. Yup... this is how I felt on the inside... but it was that moment when I accepted an offer of deep help and said YES to me, by joining Martin McNicholl's New Earth Mystery School (NEMS!) that my life really began to transform... and the end result is that I'm here feeling amazing, I have mad purple dreds in my hair... I'm feeling strong, more open than I've ever been emotionally, physically and spiritually... and my vision of taking the Star Being's healing out into the world, is finally coming true. And it all began when I literally broke down and fell apart... and said YES to me.

It's been one helluva journey... I've had to face and accept myself and allow myself to be fully seen in my dark and my light... and love ... I've moved through the powerful of breathwork, I've danced on the roof, I overcame my fear and pride of asking for help and blubbed my way through healings, I've found my tribe of New Earth Mystery Souls... who are the most incredible family of love, laughter, support and online hugs and loving prods... and they get me. This really is a community that is bringing and creating a New Earth.

And I am now so honoured to be one of the Mentors for Martin's 3rd wave of the New Earth Mystery School... which will be an incredible 12 week journey home to you... and it all starts this Thursday 8th August… riding the powerful waves of the Lions Gate… at 8pm UK time with the activation and call... with another 2 further free calls sharing channellings, personal messages, insights and magic that can't be put into words before the launch date on 31st August.

So if you fancy a bit of this… HERE’S THE LINK that will bring you home to you, your truth, your freedom and LOVE. And I promise you, you don’t have to get a head full of purple dreds… but you can if you want!

Ah, the bliss of new found freedom!

Big love and hugs all round,