Channelled Illumination Insight offers you direct, personal guidance from the Star Beings of Channelling Love using the visuals of The Illumination Oracle Deck.

Channelled Illumination Insight is a completely different ball game from traditional psychic readings.  Gone are the predictions of wealth, work and marriage… and in comes the immensely high vibration of Channelling Love to assist you in seeing deeper into yourself and what is going on around you and how you can move forward for your highest good.  If you’re looking for the winning lottery numbers, then read no further!

All of my readings are done through automatic writing and are shared exactly as I receive them.  Yes, I do a thorough spell check as I type blind while in a trance-like state… but absolutely nothing is altered.  If your heart is open and you are willing to receive… you will feel the presence of the Star Beings of Channelling Love as you read the words.  It’s this direct energetic connection that initiates your understanding, awakening, healing and transformational shift.

Each Insight starts with an opening channelled paragraph and then I use the Illumination Oracle cards as the catalyst for deeper more focused insight. You’ll receive the Insight as a PDF document, including images of the cards.  A full 16-card reading can be up to 12 A4 pages long, with the whole process often taking me over 3 hours to complete.  Quite simply put… it’s a big deal. They have been described as “Life Changing” and “Utterly Brilliant!”

On occasions, these insights can flag up more questions, so I also offer a separate Skype follow up consultation which can be booked afterwards, if you feel the need.  This gives us the chance to talk face to face and go through the cards, feel the feeling and see the bigger picture and guidance that came through for you.  I don’t channel during these sessions, it’s simply you, me and the cards and a whole lot of intuitive love coming your way.


Yes, I'd love a 16 card channelling! £197
Yes, I’d love a 6 card channelling! £95
Yes, I’d love a 3 card channelling!  £60
Yes, I’d love a skype follow up! £50