Channelling Love's eco aromatherapy candle and room mist are an exclusive blend of high quality essential oils to enhance your experience of Channelling Love's healing and to uplift, awaken and inspire your mind, body and soul.

Creating sacred space is part of the preparatory ceremony to receiving a channelling... lighting a candle reflects calling in the light, and high vibrational aromas are a deeply sensory experience that work on your subtle energy system.  I now use both the candle and spray when I create my own sacred space and when channelling for groups on my Spanish Retreats, and I've found that I now feel more grounded, calm, clear and open as I call in the Star Being's vibration.  The aroma is also just simply gorgeous to have milling around you!




Pure essential oils have been revered and used over the centuries for their healing and spiritual properties throughout many cultures around the world.  Blending particular oils together creates a unique sensory experience that can be sensed, smelt and felt within your mind, body and soul, to enhance your overall well being.

Using only the highest quality essential oils, Zing Organics of Argyll have married the power of Palo Santo (Wood of the Saints) with Cedarwood and Juniper Berry to deliver an uplifting sweet minty woods/pine/gin like aroma that feels energising, refreshing and liberating.  It instills a sense of renewal, hope and excitement for new beginnings.  It's the perfect partner to the powerful healing that comes through from the Channelling Love Star Beings... and it's really beautiful to have around you as the aroma gently moves through your sacred space.

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Palo Santo is revered for its powerful clearing and spiritually uplifting properties and has been used by indigenous cultures for centuries for ceremonies, meditation and enhancing creativity.  Its aroma, while very calming and grounding, is spiritually uplifting and emotionally balancing.
On a personal note... it's my favourite essential oil and I have made sure that it has been sustainably sourced only from the fallen tree.

Cedarwood was used by the ancient Egyptians for its properties for rebirth and regrowth and the Native Americans used it for purification.  Its aroma offers you balance, courage of the heart and grounding while connecting you to the high vibrational wisdom of the ancients to support you on your path and to help you bring your dreams to reality through Divine Love and protection.

Juniper Berry has traditionally been used to energetically cleanse ceremonial space as well as the mental, spiritual and physical planes . It is strongly protective, dissipating negative energy to promote a sense of calm and to ease your every day stress. During meditation, the aroma of Juniper Berry helps increase your focus and concentration to open up your psychic clarity and strengthen the connection to your Higher Self.

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  • Presented in apothecary style glass amber jar.
  • Pure Non GM, Sustainable Soy Wax with Pure Essential Oils as stated.
  • Vegan Friendly.
  • Cruelty Free.
  • Hand luggage friendly.
  • Dimensions:  Height 65mm x Diameter 60mm
  • Approximate burn time 20 hours.
  • £24.50 (plus £3.95 packing &postage worldwide)
  • Dispatched within 3 days of receiving your order.


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  • Presented in apothecary style glass amber bottle.
  • Ingredients: Hydrosol of Juniper base with Pure Essential Oils as stated.
  • Vegan Friendly.
  • Cruelty Free.
  • Hand luggage friendly.
  • Dimensions: Height 135 mm x Diameter 40 mm. 80 mm.
  • 400 sprays or actuations.
  • £29.50 (plus £3.95 packing & postage worldwide)
  • Dispatched within 3 days of receiving your order.


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  • Enjoy the delicious aromas and benefits of both the All Botanical Candle and Room Mist at a specially discounted rate.
  • Saving £4.50
  • £49.50 (plus £3.95 packing & postage worldwide)
  • Dispatched within 3 days of receiving your order.


The creation of the Channelling Love Candle and Room Mist has been a magical flow of heart collaboration and intuitive connection.  The owner and founder of Zing Organics, Kirsty Morrison, has been the core creative in bringing the aroma of the exclusive Channeling Love blend into reality.  And she now even uses the Channelling Love blend for herself and her employees in the workshop and office!  

Zing Organics of Argyll operate an open door workshop to offer full transparency and they also engage in independent purity testing via The Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry at Strathclyde University.  I am absolutely delighted to be working alongside a fellow heart based creative with such high integrity and quality of product. 

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