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FREE Solstice Healing Transmission

The energy of the Solstice is a celebration of light and of moving into the next cycle, so what could be more perfect than receiving the high vibrational love, healing and galactic light that comes from the Star Beings of Channelling Love on that very day!

All you have to do, is take yourself into a quiet space where you won't be disturbed (turn off your phone!)... relax...  take some long, slow deep breaths to calm your mind and body... think of me... say to yourself and Channelling Love that you'd like to receive... and so you shall.  Simples.  If you find your mind wandering, bring yourself back to your heart and if you find yourself tensing up... relax!  The channelling will last for around half an hour.

Here's what you may feel during the channelling:

  • A deep sense of relief and peace
  • Warmth and tingles in your body.
  • A sense of loving pressure and presence around you.
  • Strong love and compassion with surfacing emotions.
  • Bliss and euphoria.
  • A heightened awareness of your guides, angels and any messages they wish to share.
  • 'Seeing' vivid colours.
  • A sense of being seen and known.
  • Easing of any physical symptoms, aches & pains

You may feel the energy very strongly or just very subtly... there's no right or wrong way... it's unique and personal to you!

Self Care Post Channelling

  • Drink plenty of still mineral water to assist your body in rebalancing after the healing.
  • Your body may experience detoxing - going to the loo more often, feeling emotional, or headachey... or you may feel utterly energised, vibrant and amazing!
  • Avoid alcohol!
  • Rest and relax as much as possible.  
  • All this is a positive sign that your body is responding to the healing!