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Public Channelling Love Webinar

Channelling Love Webinar

Join this public Channelling Love Webinar to immerse, receive and benefit from high vibration healing and verbally channelled guidance.  You will be gently guided into the healing vortex and feel the immense power and personal connection of the Star Beings of Channelling Love as they work with you for your physical healing, spiritual awakening and personal growth and transformation.

This webinars can be deeply moving and uplifting as you connect with a higher dimensional intelligence to open your heart and expand your mind and ... have an amazing time!

Webinar includes:

  • Short Introduction
  • Guided meditation
  • Pure vibrational healing
  • Verbal channelled guidance
  • Open floor for questions
  • Video replay link
  • Full preparation and joining instructions pdf

Common Experiences within the healing include:

  • Warmth and tingling in your body
  • Increased heart rate
  • A sense of being held and supported
  • Waves of deep love, bliss and peace
  • Upwelling of emotions
  • Surges of energy
  • Increased creativity
  • Vivid colours and visions
  • Increased psychic/intuitive abilities
  • And more!

I look forward to meeting you in the webinar and to welcoming you into the vortex of high vibrational healing and wisdom.


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