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INNER CIRCLE - Channelling Love Webinar


Are you already on your healing and spiritual awakening path, but are feeling stuck and don't know what to do next?  Are you a healer that needs healing, support and guidance to reach that next level for yourself and your clients?  Or are you looking to find your tribe... to be part of an awesome group that's open, aware, welcoming and into their own self development... but just not in the normal mainstream, fluffy, self help way? 

Inner Circle includes:

* Monthly interactive video webinar offering deep vibrational healing, verbal guidance pertinent to the group and the opportunity to personally converse with the Star Beings and ask for their insight and guidance into your own life and well being.  It's sheer gold for your heart and soul! 

* Monthly teaching livestream/video focusing on your spiritual and psychic development.  I'll be sharing insights, different meditation techniques, tips, knowledge, practices and all the magic that comes from being in the Star Being flow.  The replay will remain in the group if you can't join live. 

* Weekly self care boost!  This weekly post will give you a 'I LOVE ME' task to gift yourself!  It may be a recipe for a healthy juice... a call to sit for 5 minuets and breathe... a special blend of essential oils to have wafting through your busy home.  Learning to take precious ME TIME is essential for raising your vibration and healing! 

* All channellings, teachings and activities will take place in a dedicated private Facebook group.  Video conferencing will be uploaded into the group with replays remaining available.  It will be high vibrational, transformational space that's grounded, open and... FUN!   The Star Beings have a sense of humour and so do we!

* Weekly channellings, healing and readings through Channelling Love's Membership group.

* Full access to monthly Stellar Survival Kit with channelling, healing and readings.

It's the Real Deal.

Full details  HERE!