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Open Your Cosmic Heart - LIVE Zoom Event


Live CHANNELLED HEALING event with Open Your Cosmic Heart hosts, Sally Claridge & Seanin Banrion.

This SUNDAY @ 4pm BST/5pm Madrid
£11 Paypal -
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Bring comfortable blanket/cushions & earphones if necessary. Free to lie down!

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You Will Experience:

Fully incorporated Star Being channellings for profound multi-dimensional awakening of the self.

Light language healings for specific purposes that arise through the group dynamics.

Quantum Healing opening the door to timeline shifts and DNA activation to embody your true self.

Channelled Light Language Song & Healing to open and expand your heart.

Channelled Pure Healing Transmission to clear blocks, fears, resistance and limiting old patterns


Seanin Banrion- Quantum Healer & Light Language

Seanin Banrion is a Quantum Healer, Light Language Channel & DragonDog/Kuan Yin Shaman, who works with light coded energy and Qi. She channels light language via song, to reveal the love within you, and help soften the body to receive more from the universe. She is able to ‘see’ what is occurring for individuals in their energy field, during quantum healing sessions. Timeline shifts, DNA activation & heart opening are known to occur.

Her energy work is known to form an increased sensitivity to, and availability of, energy in the body; a higher level of consciousness, and enhance intuition. Seanin devotes her life to purity, service and respect for all human life, sharing ascension support, quantum energy healing, and vibrational medicine to many across the planet.

SALLY CLARIDGE- Incorporating Channel for The Star Beings

Sally is an internationally acknowledged incorporating channel with a worldwide following. Her incorporation of the 'Channelling Love Star Beings' has seen people move through instantaneous physical healing, spiritual awakening and personal transformation. Her rare gift in being able to completely step aside and become the anchor and vessel for this high vibrational collective has been described as 'miraculous' and 'inexplicable'. As her demeanour changes, the appearance of radiant light vortexes have been witnessed around her and the feeling of overwhelming love has taken people beyond words. When she shares the Star Beings’ Light Language it is powerfully activating and while incomprehensible to the mind, it deeply touches the heart and soul to initiate physical, emotional and energetic healing in the body and being.

Terms & Conditions

No refunds on bookings. Replays will be made available for all guests. Please arrive promptly.

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