I am delighted to now be offering in-person healing treatments of traditional Reflexology, Universal Reflexology, Usui Reiki and Channelled Healing in the Órgiva and Lanjarón area of Southern Spain.


With over 16 years experience in healing holistic therapies and having previously run my own practices in the UK and Brazil, you can be assured of receiving a dedicated, heart centred, professional and personal service that supports, enlightens and assists you on your healing journey. Whether you are looking to address chronic ailments and conditions, lower your stress levels, relax or just treat yourself, I would love to help you.

All sessions take place by pre-arranged appointment and are offered at the Centro Holístico Órgiva. Home visits are considered upon a discretionary and individual basis.

Choose your preferred session below and contact me for availability through Email, Sms or WhatsApp.

And if you would like to learn Universal Reflexology, Reiki or Foot Reading… just ask! Workshops are available for individuals and groups alike and tailored to your needs.

I really look forward to meeting you and to sharing the benefits and bliss of these energy healing therapies with you.



Email: sally@channellinglove.com
UK Mobile: +44 7804 482407
Spanish Mobile: +34 6448 77604


Traditional Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient healing method with roots in many indigenous cultures around the world. By massaging specific reflex points and areas on the feet, which correspond directly to the body, it helps bring about a natural rebalancing and homeostasis within the physical body and promotes healing in a wide range of ailments and common conditions. Reflexology can be used to ease specific conditions through regular treatments or as a general maintenance of well being or one-off treat. Treatments are deeply relaxing and can bring about a sense of peace and well being for mind, body and spirit.
60 minutes - €35
90 minutes - €45


Universal Reflexology

Universal Reflexology takes traditional reflexology deeper into your emotional and spiritual healing as well as addressing the healing of your physical body. Using a light touch which links into the chakras (energy centres of the body) combined with foot massage techniques and energy healing directed towards the underlying emotional root causes of many physical conditions, this treatment can be profoundly moving and transformational. Universal Reflexology can be used regularly to ease longer term chronic ailments as well as being a wonderful ad-hoc treat for your mind, body and soul. Subtle foot reading highlighting personality and emotional traits is included for further insight into your well being.
60 minutes - €35
90 minutes - €45


Usui Reiki

Reiki is the Japanese energy healing method, introduced by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. Using the energy of the Universal life force and directing it through the recipient, it helps the body to release its stress, tension and disease. Beneficial for physical and emotional issues, chronic, terminal or early on-set, Reiki will assist and promote healing for mind, body and soul. Reiki is received while sitting or lying down fully clothed and uses a combination of ‘laying on of hands’ or hands free healing. Sensations can often be felt during treatments along with a deep sense of peace and well being. Reiki can be enjoyed as a one-off treat or as a concentrated approach to deeper healing of specific issues.
Duration 60 minutes
As an experienced Reiki Master/Teacher I am also available to teach all levels of Usui Reiki to individuals and groups.


Channelled Healing

As an incorporating channel, I work with a higher multi-dimensional collective that shares profound transformational healing and spiritual awakening through their vibrational presence. Already sharing channellings and healing online with a wide international clientele, I have also held Channelled Healing Circles in Scotland for groups and events and I’m delighted to now offer this healing in-person in Spain. The session will include an introductory chat, guided meditation into the healing vibration, up to 45 minutes of pure healing and a closing meditation. The healing is received sitting or lying down and without personal touch. As I move into a trance state you will connect with the vibrational presence and experience the healing in your own unique way through sensations, impressions, emotions and often visions through the direct connection with the collective. Unlike traditional energy healing therapies, I do not consciously participate, guide or control the healing and I hold no memory of what occurs while I am in trance. This form of channelled healing is rare and unique and has resulted in instantaneous physical healing, personal transformation, epiphany, euphoria, bliss and inner peace.
Channelled Healing is available to individuals and groups alike.
Duration 60 minutes
Personal Healing €65
Groups of 2 or more €35 per person.

Read some of my testimonials HERE to see how my Channelled Healing can help you.


Learn the Healing Art of Usui Reiki

Reiki workshops are taught on request for Level I, Level II (professional practitioner), Level III (Master) and Level IV (Teacher). You will receive the appropriate Reiki attunement, comprehensive handout (including Reiki lineage) and all levels will involve extensive practical hands on experience along with my guidance and support. Reiki can be learnt be everyone and no experience or previous knowledge of energy healing or spirituality is needed. All workshops are taught to suit the individual and groups’ needs and are seen as personally healing, transformative… and fun!
Levels I & II can be taken separately at your own pace or together over two consecutive days or weeks.
Ask me for more details!


Learn Universal Reflexology

This is a transformational 2-day workshop that I have shared in Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong and the UK over the last 8 years. It shares the full theory and sequence of giving the powerful and unique light touch of Universal Reflexology and is open to everyone with an open heart, non professionals, reflexologists and massage therapists alike. Learning Universal Reflexology is a heart opening and healing experience as you meet yourself through your feet. You will be given a comprehensive handout to keep and there will be extensive hands-on practical experience in giving the reflexology as well as the bliss of receiving it, to fully understand the depth of this unique technique and to help you move through your own healing journey.
Workshops will be arranged upon request and last 2 consecutive full days.
Personal Workshop - €250
Group workshop for 2-6 people - €140 per person
Add on 1 day of Reiki Level 1 - €80 per person

Please note: this is not a certification to professionally practice reflexology… it is an add on for professionals to incorporate into their treatments, and for non professionals to enjoy with family and friends.


Foot Reading Workshops

The feet reflect every aspect of our physical being, our emotions, our mindset and overall well-being. Learning to read the feet gives you an insight into the messages the body is sharing about our inner being that perhaps the mind hasn’t yet heard. Seeing how the chakras are reflected through the feet, recognising personality traits, mindsets and patterns can be a profoundly healing process as we finally understand ourselves on a spiritual level and not just as a thinking mind and physical body. Workshops will include a comprehensive handout, address the basic theory of foot reading for your personal insight, enjoyment and healing and there will be plenty of opportunities to practice what you learn as well as being encouraged and supported in working with your intuition. Foot reading is not future predictive, it is a tool towards your own healing and self discovery.
Personal Foot Reading Workshop 10am - 4pm - €80
Group Foot Reading Workshop for 2 or more - 10am - 5pm - €45


Avenida González Robles, 55
18400 Órgiva