It’s a no brainer!  You’re struggling with an overloaded life and you’re crying out for healing, help and a ‘fast-track’ to just feeling better about everything.  And now you’ve found it.  Sit back, relax and receive powerful multi-dimensional healing from the high vibrational presence of the Channelling Love Star Beings within the comfort of your own home… every week.


By becoming a member of Channelling Love’s Healing Collective, you can bliss out, clear out, shine, expand, heal your body and transcend the mundane world through weekly livestream channellings, healing transmissions and live video conference channellings with light language and verbal guidance.   And on top of that you’ll receive Livestream group readings, written channellings, personal contact with me through the private Facebook members group, access to over 3 years of inspirational channelling content, my love, support and presence…. and just about everything I can think of that your heart needs!


Commit to yourself and the Star Beings commit to you.  All the channellings are at pre-scheduled times to suit different time zones and lifestyles and you get to be part of an amazing group of souls who are all walking their talk and living life from the heart.  It’s enlightening, safe, supportive and fun… and you’ll wonder how on earth you navigated your way through every day life without it.


  • An exclusive private weekly channelling and healing for the group. Channellings are held through zoom video conferencing and through livestream into the private Facebook group with replays and links to all recordings.
    (2 channellings will share fully incorporated verbal guidance and 2 channellings will be pure healing transmissions and the Star Beings also share their Light Language)

  • Two written channellings per month, sharing wisdom, insight and guidance from the Star Beings.

  • Monday’s livestreamed Illumination Insight group reading for the week - with your own personal message and a channelled healing to ground the high vibrations and highest outcomes for the week ahead into your energy and being.

  • My monthly Heal, Thrive & RISE subscription including exclusive channelling/healing meditation - video of month ahead oracle card reading - video healing for spiritual growth and expansion - inspirational spotlight.

  • ‘Lifestream’ livestreams sharing from the flow of life. From healings to sharing a sunset or joke or synchronicity or anything that will inspire, uplift and be wonderful for the Healing Collective Family.

  • Regular online drop-in and check-in posts… a chance to share where you’re at and be supported, celebrated and lovingly kept on track throughout this crazy life upon earth.

  • Exclusive livestream access to any public channelling events or channellings on retreats.

  • Access to private links with videos of past channellings and healings.

  • Inspirational, grounded and supportive posts from my heart to yours.

  • Sacred supportive space for your awakening, expansion, ascension and full on real deal HEALING!

  • First dibs on all Channelling Love Retreats, events, news and special offers.


Channelling Love Membership is only £47 per month.  

By joining, you commit to Paypal’s monthly automatic payments… but if you don’t do Paypal then we’ll make alternative arrangements.  Membership is worth over £500 in channellings, healing and readings every month. Membership can be terminated at any time by either party.


Ready to do this?