Are you sensing that NOW is your time?  Time to truly heal, to move into your heart to discover yourself on a deeply authentic, energetic and spiritual level that will also transform your every day life, your physical health and your mindset for the better?

Simply put, this pure vibrational healing comes through an inter-dimensional galactic collective of Star Beings that see all of you and connect directly with you to reveal a whole new realm of possibility, happiness, peace, health, self belief and fulfilment, within you and around you.

My role in your healing is to hold space for this rare, profound and intimate connection so that you can free yourself from fear, blocks, confusion, dis-ease and the struggle of everyday life. Through the presence of the Star Beings you are facilitated in fully embodying your light, potential and innate truth. 

This multi-dimensional healing takes you straight into the heart of You.  Whether you are looking for physical healing, spiritual awakening, emotional breakthrough or you just know you need something but you’re not sure what it is – then this is your chance to CHOOSE HEALING… to be FREE to BE YOU. 

In order to experience the deepest healing, awakening and transformation, please come with an open heart and mind. Every healing is personal and unique to what you need and no two sessions are ever the same.

You’ll experience a LOVE that has been described as 'taking you beyond words' and you'll never look back.


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Pure Healing Transmissions with Light Language
Immerse in the blissful and powerfully healing vibration of the Channelling Love Star Beings to shift, heal, transform and awaken all aspects of your being.  After an introductory chat you will be gently guided through a meditation to ground, open and relax as the Star Being's healing presence strengthens and connects with you. These healings sessions are personal and unique and can be profoundly moving as your heart opens to feel the Star Beings working with you. The healing culminates in the sharing of their powerful light language to activate, clear and align you with your true self.  All consultations take place through Zoom video conferencing with the audio recording to keep.
30mins and 60 minute sessions available.


Join Channelling Love’s Healing Collective Group!
Regularly immersing in the high vibrational presence of the Star Beings to receive their healing, verbal guidance and powerful light language, gives you a massive boost in your every day life!  As a member of this group you will enjoy unlimited access to powerful weekly channellings (and replays) through livestreams and video conferencing, that include pure healing transmissions, fully incorporated verbal guidance and light language healing. Channelled written guidance, week ahead and personal Illumination readings are also shared throughout the week as well as my online presence and support... with over 3 years worth of channelled healing content to enjoy!  
Come and join the Healing Collective and transform your life though LOVE!


Dive into this powerful and transformational 3 day online healing experience which offers you the full content of videos, posts, channellings, livestreams and insights from the Healing Portal live event. And… you will be supported and celebrated in real time within the dedicated Facebook group for all participants! This is multi-dimensional healing taking you from the mundane into the miracle of you… and you can enjoy the life enhancing connection with the Star Beings in the comfort of your own home and at times that suit you. With a total of 12 videos, 11 channellings and a PDF to guide you through each day, your healing has just landed, right here, right now. Come on in!


Heal Thrive & Rise with Channelling Love!
Enjoy and benefit from monthly communications and healing from the Star Beings of Channelling Love delivered to your inbox on the 1st of every month... with LOVE!
Channelled healing meditation mp3 download, video healing to expand and enhance your spiritual growth, video reading for the month ahead, discounted access to Personal Pure Healing Transmissions, Inspirational Spotlight and a whole lot more!
Only £20 per month with FREE Welcome edition, bonus gifts and no strings attached!


Say YES to the Alpujarras and Mother Earth
Join me every month for a free channelled healing out in nature. These channellings magnify and anchor the high vibrational love and light from the Star Beings into Mother Earth and share a healing for all participants who join live and through the replay. The healing is shared as a livestream on my personal facebook page and the dates and locations will be shared in advance on my Events page. These monthly healings were originally created to support the Spanish Alpujarra mountains from the proposed development of an electricity highway being built which would destroy the area where I live and have since grown into a global healing creating a web of light bringing people together around the world.
Together we can heal the world through LOVE.


In-person Healing & Channelling in the Spanish Alpujarras!

Come and enjoy Pure Healing Transmissions & Light Language with me in Spain! I am available for personal and group sessions at the Centro Holistíco Órgiva where I also offer personal healing sessions in Traditional Reflexology, Universal Reflexology and/or Reiki. And ask me about my private and group workshops on Foot Reading, Universal Reflexology and all levels of Usui Reiki.

Whether you are in the area on holiday or live here, I’d love to help you!

All healing sessions and workshops are by pre-arranged appointment.
Find out more here and I look forward to meeting you soon!

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Exclusive Channelling Love All Botanical Candles and Room Mist.

Enhance your experience of a Channelling Love healing with an all botanical eco aromatherapy candle and room mist, in a blend of spiritual and purifying pure essential oils that have been revered for centuries for healing and spiritual ceremonies the world over. Palo Santo (Wood of the Saints) is married with Cedarwood and Juniper Berry to deliver an uplifting Sweet Minty Woods/Pine/Gin like aroma. This exclusive essential oil blend feels energising, refreshing and liberating whilst instilling a sense of renewal, hope and excitement for new beginnings.
Available to purchase NOW!