This is pure immersion in the powerfully healing and transformational vibration of the Channelling Love Star Beings.  

No matter where you are in the world, healing is here for you.

Whether you are seeking assistance with emotional, physical, spiritual or general life issues, the Star Beings will work personally with you for what you need most on the day.  These personal healings can be deeply moving, uplifting and transformational as you connect with a higher intelligence and high vibrational, galactic presence that takes you beyond your human self.

You may experience a variety of different sensations, surfacing emotions, epiphanies and even instantaneous physical healing during these sessions.

Unlike holistic energy healing therapies, I have no input into the session... what you experience is a direct connection with the Star Beings that will be completely unique to you and your needs.  I simply become the anchor and vessel for the Star Beings to work through, for your highest good.

Towards the end of the healing the Star Beings’ will share their Light Language with you. This is a vibrational communication through vocal sounds and resonance that defies the mind but which your body will feel and your soul will recognise beyond understanding. The light language is powerful, intense and can feel like an energy activation, re-connection and almost like being ‘plugged in’. There can be no explanation of what it means… but it will be uniquely for you.

After the channelling you may feel euphoric, uplifted and/or deeply peaceful and the healing will continue to move through you to initiate positive shifts in your life, release old limiting patterns, improve your health and well being on all levels.

Here's what your Pure Healing Transmission includes:

  • Full details and preparation instructions will be sent upon your booking.

  • The healing will take place through Zoom video conferencing.

  • An initial welcome chat before the healing begins.

  • Guided meditation to help you relax, open, ground and move into the vibrational connection.

  • Pure connection and vibrational healing from the Star Beings shared in silence or you can have your music playing.

  • Vibrational quantum Light Language - usually lasting a few minutes.

  • Closing 'non channelling' chat with me.

  • Please be aware that during the channelling, I am in an altered state of consciousness and have no awareness of your experience and I am unable to offer explanations or feedback into your experience.

  • Please note that there are NO spoken messages (in English!) from the Star Beings during Pure Healing Transmissions.

  • If you would prefer to receive only the Pure Healing Transmission without the Light Language, please make this clear at the start of our session. Thank you!


Purchase your healing through the link below and then book your preferred date and time.  You will receive confirmation by return.


1 hr - £85


30 mins - £45