Hello and Welcome! I’m Sally Claridge, the channel for the Star Beings of Channelling Love and the holder of space for all who come into The Virtual Healing Portal. And I’m so delighted you’ve found your way here!

The Virtual Healing Portal is a powerful 3 day online immersion into the healing presence of the Channelling Love Star Beings to ground, release, awaken and transform your inner world and bring love, peace, confidence and joy into your every day life. Yup… you’re going to go full high vibe through love… open your heart, free yourself from the old ‘yuk’ and come into a place of aligned presence, awareness, freedom and truth... all within the comforts of your home and in your own time.


It’s a mystical, multidimensional healing journey, taking you from


The Virtual Healing Portal shares the original LIVE content from my 3 Day online event in July 2019, with all the livestreams, videos and call to action posts, along with an accompanying PDF to guide you through each day. The Star Beings are a multidimensional consciousness and presence and they are not limited by linear time and space as we are… so every time you immerse in a healing… you are there with them and us, as a ‘live’ participant. Simply put… when you come in… their vibration comes in to be with you.

When you sign up to The Virtual Healing Portal you will receive a welcome email with all the content and a super special invitation to come and join the amazing group of souls in the dedicated Facebook Group for all participants. This Healing Portal Tribe is where you will find me in real time for all the support and celebration you need through your healing. The Healing Portal Tribe will continue to thrive and grow globally as people join through this Virtual Portal experience and the quarterly live events.



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Portal Opening
Join our opening ceremony where I create and build the Star Beings’ Earth Mandala, where I live up in the Spanish Alpujarra mountains. Using the surrounding natural gifts of olive branches, stones, crystals and flowers from Mother Earth, the Star Beings’ portal is created to anchor their vibration into our beautiful world and ourselves. Connecting with the continual presence and healing flow of their energy is initiated by sharing the healing requests of all participants.

Each day includes:

  • A morning intention setting to focus and align yourself with the day’s healing shift and the highest outcome for YOU!

  • Video of the Pure Healing Transmission out in nature to raise your vibration, initiate, align and embody your healing as well as deepening and grounding your presence upon Mother Earth.

  • An afternoon ‘ascension enlightenment’ post to keep it real and bring a smile to your day.

  • Video of my afternoon chats sharing my own shifts, experiences, F*ck ups and transformational life lessons to inspire you along your own unique journey… and see where we’re all at after the morning’s healing.

  • Video of the evening’s fully embodied channelling with light language shared in Zoom, with participants sharing their own experiences afterwards. It’s amazingly powerful to hear how the Star Beings worked with everyone… just WOW!

  • The ”How ya’ doing?" prompt with the opportunity to journal about your day, shifts, realisations, epiphanies and heart expanding experiences.


Portal Closing
Join us up on my roof after the incredible energy of the last group channelling to watch the sun set behind the mountains as we all move into a new era of LOVE. The healing has only just begun.


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When you sign up to join the Virtual Healing Portal you will receive an invitation and link to come and join the private Facebook Group that’s for all participants past, present and future. This group remains open and active for as long as you wish to be part of it. In the group I offer 2 livestream channellings with light language a month along with my support, insights and grounded presence. Being a member of this very special global community is empowering and heart opening… as well as fun! We’re the ‘High Vibe Star Tribe’… and we keep it real and it’s jam packed with LOVE!


All you have to do is say YES to YOU!
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When you click on the above link you will be taken to a Paypal payment page. On confirmation of your heart’s investment an email will be sent out personally within the day with all the content and the link to the private Facebook group.

It is your responsibility to come and ask to join the Facebook group!


Enjoy reading some personal experiences below!


Meet some of The Healing Portal Tribe… and click on their photo to find out more about the unique magic they are offering!

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